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Epochal constellation in 2020



2020 is the year of great changes.


The reason for this is the meeting of two powerful planets: Saturn and Pluto.


In astrology, these two planets are considered to be big bad luck bringers, competitors who stand for power, pressure, restrictions, transformation and remodeling.

2020 Saturn Pluto Konstellation.jpg

The Saturn / Pluto constellation in Capricorn only happened three times in the last 2000 years and it repeats for the fourth time this year!



Meaning of Saturn in Capricorn: Perfection, Limitations, Discipline

Meaning of Pluto in Capricorn: increased claims to power, ambitions, struggle for status


To the main areas of Saturn include the topics of the state, state order, borders, censorship, administration, power, politics, economy as well as long-term goals and planning. Own responsibility, discipline and order, all state structures and organizations also belong to the care of Saturn.


The additional position of Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn (where he is the ruler himself anyway) additionally strengthens all of the above-mentioned properties as well as the control over all topics in which the state participates.


The planet Pluto stands for the areas of power, finance, resources on a global scale. His sphere of activity goes far beyond the borders of the individual countries. This time Saturn itself is being transformed by Pluto.


This means that the power and state order / leadership will not only strengthen (dictatorship?), But will also be subject to profound restructuring. This means that irreversible changes in the areas of politics, economics and finances will probably occur and with that old / previous systems will cease to exist and are subject to epoch-making changes.


The year 2020 will bring a change for each and every one of us. Each crisis in turn offers a new opportunity for further development. Some people will lose their jobs to find a new job and face their previously unknown skills and challenges. With other people, for example, the topics of partnership, family or money are addressed and they are subjected to massive changes in these subject areas. Others will begin the path of self-knowledge.


Furthermore, the Saturn / Pluto constellation harbors the risk of mass layoffs, bankruptcies, general economic difficulties and problems with the law, where old frauds and criminal machinations from earlier times are exposed by Pluto.


Don't forget that Pluto is the planet of annihilation and rebirth!


Pluto stands for changes not only in public life, but also in the private, intimate, internal area. This planet is very ambivalent. Pluto brings us not only destruction, but also enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, encounters and conflicts. During his reign, wars, revolutions, ruin, debt, and death and resurrection are possible. Everything is possible in this phase!


We will also experience a very difficult year 2020 emotionally. However, at the same time we get a chance to jump over our shadow in order to come to terms with our inner being and get rid of old properties or complexes. Chances and possibilities will open up to get rid of bad habits in order to make new decisions in life, which will bring forward-looking and new paths for the future.


Whether you like the coming changes or not, Pluto will hit us right at our pain points. Observe yourself very closely and also your surroundings. We will all be surrounded by epochal changes .


Note! Spontaneous decisions are absolutely out of place here, but a well-thought-out solution to tread the right path in the future!


Many people know themselves well enough and feel inside themselves to make the right decisions for their future. If you are not so sure about your decision, I would be happy to support you with my advice. Let's see together what your life's work is.


Your Julia


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Munich, January 19, 2020

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