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About me


My name is Julia and I am a certified Astrology Master, Tarot Master and Rune Master. My new specialty is geolocation.

Thanks to my abilities, I am able to connect with the energy system of people and go into important past, present or future details.

In this way, helpful information can be gained and you can independently make changes in your life.

    What fascinates me about my mission

    Very easily - it is the fascination for people, with all their facets, strengths, weaknesses, passions and complex behaviors that are sometimes difficult to explain. This is where I would like to start and help interested people to recognize, understand and solve their very own life issues. Everyone has multiple ups and downs in their life, just like they have their good days and bad days, and every now and then you need some outside support - and that's where I come in.

    Just like everyone else, I too have been able to experience many good moments and less beautiful moments in my life so far. With these good and less good experiencesPsychological astrology, tarot and runes have always been my faithful helpers to look behind the scenes of my issues.

    An important insight from these experiences was that one should use the difficult moments in life in particular to keep asking oneself, "What is the cause of my problem, how can I resolve the issue and change it into something positive and good for me?" ? You often don't realize it until years later "in the rearview mirror" what the topic was good for and what lessons could be learned from it.

    Through a crisis of meaning at the time, I remembered my enthusiasm for it tarot, which I intuitively mastered as a child and later trained as a tarot master.


    Inspired by this, my path in life led me to psychological astrology and to ther unes, where I also trained as a master craftsman in both categories. On the one hand, I would like to use this knowledge to help people with their everyday issues and, on the other hand, to train and further educate people in the fields of astrology, tarot and runes.

    As a new specialty I have the geolocation discovered. It's about this topicabout the right or wrong place where one lives, lives, loves, laughs and maybe also works. For example, if you live in an unfavorable place that doesn't suit you, this can be reflected in negative aspects, such as the wrong partner or no partner, unsuitable job, "nothing is going smoothly", frequent loss of objects, burglary or theft, threats or even raids.


    Many people are currently in an unprecedented crisis of meaning, are looking for meaning or are currently experiencing a deep change in consciousness or awakening to conscious being (hence the word "consciousness"). In my perception, most people are not aware of their true abilities, strengths and tasks or have simply repressed or forgotten it.


    Do you have the feeling that things are not going smoothly or do you feel bad luck on a regular basis?

    Here I can support and show you the right way.

    ​​ Below are a few exampleseof complex as well as numerous questions that reach me.

    - ​What is my life purpose or vocation?

    - What's the meaning of my life?

    - Is that in my soul plan?

    - Why do I have a permanent lack of energy and why do I feel so weak?

    - How can I get more joie de vivre into my life again?

    - Why is this happening to me, I haven't done anything wrong?

    - Why do I have problems with my family or with the children?

    - Why do I have problems at work / job, or also with my colleagues?

    - What about my partner, love or relationship?

    - What is going wrong in my life right now?

    - I have a crisis of meaning and no one can help me. How do I get this resolved?


    This is where I start and can connect with your energy system to show you the answers and solutions that you need for your topic at that moment, for example if you have the feeling that you are treading water.

    Using astrology, tarot, runes and geolocation, I have valuable tools at hand to track down the root cause of your issues and give you the right answers you are looking for.

    In addition, it is often the qualities of the timewho decide and "co-govern" about success or failure or imbalances in life, because every time has its quality. Everyone has their "own schedule" and sooner or later is affected to face their issues and shadows where they can take a closer look. I can see such imbalances in the horoscope through astrology beforehand and also afterwards.

    I would be happy to support you in finding your balance again or in the center of your life so that you can make the right decisions for your future and your further path in life.


    Do you actually know the Tattva times when you should or should not do certain things? Do you know Mercury retrograde or Mars where you shouldn't make any new investments or even operations?

    I would be happy to discuss your personal situation with you and show you your personal solutions.

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